Our membership based business advisory is a brand new concept providing a level of support in business not previously available for the cost. Tribe Twenty Business Advisory provides a fresh perspective for your business and work life. It is objective advice, guidance and understanding with no hidden agenda. Your confidential sounding board.


  • Online community

  • Curated news, articles, podcasts, books

  • Monthly mastermind sessions

  • Business templates & best practice notes

  • 20% discounts on online courses and workshops

$39 / month

(paid annually)



Unlimited email access to the Tribe Twenty partners to answer all of your business and brand strategy questions as they arise.

Unlimited Members also get complimentary CONTENT membership included.

$2,489 /year

(paid annually)


12 x 1 hour video calls 

Quarterly mind-switch events 

Personal Members also get complimentary CONTENT and UNLIMITED membership included.

$4,489 / year

(paid annually)

Choose this membership if you are looking for an impartial advisory board.

Choose this membership if you are looking for an impartial advisory board.

Choose this membership if you are looking for an impartial advisory board.

Our advisory service is perfect for you if you need:

  • A confidential sounding board to run ideas by

  • Highly experienced advisors who have your back

  • Advice, guidance and knowledge on a broad range of business issues

  • To keep informed through a curated and manageable reading or listening list of the latest in management thinking, relevant sector news, new technologies, ideas and innovations, potential competitors etc.

  • Someone championing your success

  • A second opinion or to talk through options 

  • Tips, tricks and ideas to mitigate risks and leverage opportunities

  • Access to an extensive network and community

  • Creative thought starters

  • Help in identifying direction for you or your business

  • Suitable for business owners, founders and senior executives

Broad areas of advisory

  • Business Planning & Strategy

  • Marketing

  • Branding 

  • Business Operations

  • People & Culture 

  • Workforce Structure

  • Facilities

  • Technology & Online Presence

Some of the specifics we have advised on are:

  • Introductions to our connections and network

  • How to introduce/pitch yourself

  • China entry strategy

  • Options for investing in a new business

  • Partnership options and compatability

  • Ideas and thought starters for writing award submissions

  • The most relevant social networks 

  • What to include in a pitch presentation

  • Tips and tricks for networking

  • The most effective online presence

  • Navigating office politics

  • How to deal with a difficult staffing issue

  • Building an online course

  • How to build the corporate culture they want

  • Authentic personal branding

  • How to discover your values and purpose

  • How to align a brand internally and externally

  • Innovative business models

  • Better ways to approach sales

  • Storytelling and presenting

  • Accountability

  • Why you need brand identity

  • Knowing your target market

  • Understanding content marketing

  • How to use analytics to optimise online marketing

  • Competitor landscape

  • How to plan for growth and succession in staff

  • How to consider the entire employee or customer experience

  • Business planning

  • Startup strategies

  • Strategic partnerships and sponsorship

  • Team development

  • Policies and procedures

Where do we work

At Tribe Twenty we work with people all over the world, in cities and regional areas. Our advisory work is predominately carried out online using whatever technology platform you are comfortable with.