Brand Strategy

Your brand is what you say and do - everything your customers, employees and partners experience.

We help you create alignment between your actions and your identity, discover and mitigate any operational brand gaps and then determine a strategic direction to reach your organisational goals.   

For those who want to:

  • Create clear positioning that represents what you say and what you do

  • Increase internal and external brand engagement and experience

  • Tell a consistent story - ensure your brand represents the purpose, values and actions of your organisation

  • Create consistent customer service and client interaction that delivers on brand promise    

  • Create brand and marketing strategy to deliver on goals

Brand Alignment

Your brand is everything you say and do, internally as well as externally.  

We have developed our own approach to discover brand congruence gaps in your operations. We conduct a brand gap analysis across various operational points to understand how your brand is experienced through the entire organisation. We are then able to determine strategic priorities.


Brand Alignment can be done as a stand alone service however it is most effective when combined with the brand behaviours identified in the Brand DNA service.

Brand DNA

Your brand needs to be grounded in purpose and values.

Brand DNA is the essence of who you are and includes identifying and understanding your values, purpose, vision, positioning and personality.

We work with you to determine your values, purpose and vision to develop clear positioning and your unique brand personality. 

Brand DNA forms the basis of your Brand Strategy, your Visual Identity your internal processes, systems and behaviour and your Customer Service standards.

Business Operations

Our business operations consulting is custom designed to best meet the needs of your business. Some of the areas we can include in this consulting are:  

  • strategic planning

  • workforce planning - people & facilities

  • management coaching

  • employee experience

  • business plans

  • Online presence