Why a membership model?


​you get to access the content and us whenever the need arises ​- you don't have

​joining as a member means you save money - taking the payment options helps you control your cash flow / expenses

you get access to a community ​


Why use Tribe Twenty?

​Together, we have a full range of experience and expertise in business and brand strategy.  Approachable, affordable advice from someone who has your best interests at heart.  We are adept at working with a full range of business types, personality types and challenge types


How does it all work?


How quickly can we get started?

the first step is for us to chat (or is it)

once you have enquired we will find a time to connect  - do we need to determine a fit? ​​


Do I need any special equipment or technology?

​You just need your laptop or phone and Wi-Fi. ​One of the wonderful benefits of joining the Tribe Twenty advisory is connecting globally - we are all about virtually meeting you where ever you may be.


What if I need more in-person or more intensive support?

​From time to time we all have urgent challenges that will require more focused support and we are happy to accommodate this. After assessing your need we can together determine a ​


What kinds of clients do you work with?  

Detail full range - start up, small business, freelancers

What our clients have in common is the need for ongoing or time to time support - specialised services that can sometimes be financially difficult to access. Our clients also seek objective advice and opinion


What areas do you provide consulting in?

Business and brand strategy


Does it matter where I live?

No! The best part of virtual support is it is efficient. We can support you virtually from anywhere in the world.

I have been thinking about starting a business, can you help me?

We thought about starting a business also

We have supported many of our community from business idea  

Our expertise in strategy and brand positioning provide excellent support in the start stage of your small enterprise


What is the difference between you business advisory and your consulting services?


Do you work with non-profits?

Yes, we do.


Will my work with you be confidential?



What options do I have if i have a limited budget?


Do you have a referral program?


Can you write a business plan or marketing plan only.

Really effective business plans and marketing plans are the ones that have considered you, your strengths and your particular business….

We have found it is the process of planning that creates the best outcome as you consider and assess - you really think about …. So we can write a plans for you, with some time to get to know your business, needs and market


I want to pitch for investment, can you help me pull together the pitch?

Absolutely. As part of the membership advisory, we can provide templates, tips and tricks and advice on what to include and how to present.


Can I meet you before I sign up for membership?

Sure, we’d love that. We can meet virtually via video chat or in person if you are in Melbourne. We do aim to get around the regional and city areas of the east coast of Australia often so can also arrange that is required. For our potential member overseas, we suggest a video chat in the first instance and if you prefer a face to face meeting we can see if we can arrange something. We cannot guarantee how long before we can make that happen, but we will certainly try.


Who is behind Tribe Twenty

Danielle Jorgensen and Sasha Chenoweth. You can find our bio’s on our website with links through to our more comprehensive LinkedIn profiles.


How did you come up with the name Tribe Twenty?

We are glad you asked. The name came to us about ten years ago when we first came across a research paper that stated 80% of people were disengaged with what they were doing for work. So, only 20% spend their days truly engaged and energized by what they do. Our aim with Tribe Twenty was always to create a community or ‘tribe’ of the ‘twenties’ - a tribe who are all engaged and energized by what they do.


Do you work with existing businesses or startups?

Both. We are really interested in helping all businesses that do not otherwise have access to the senior level support we can provide. Small Business and Startups have their own unique challenges and we have extensive experience  working with both.


I need financial and legal advice, can you help?

Although we offer a broad range of areas we are able to advise on, we are not qualified lawyers or accountants. We encourage you to always consult your legal and financial advisors for that type of advice.

We provide guidance, education and consultancy all of which is as accurate and up to date as possible. We cannot be held liable for how you choose to use this information. Need to paraphrase this.


What sets you apart from other business advisors/strategists/consultants?

To put it simply, it comes down to time. Whilst most consultants and coaches charge for their time, we have chosen a model where time never gets mentioned. We have long held the view that pricing on the value that you provide is a much smarter way to price that by the time you spend. Work smarter, not harder. In a changing world where everyone is trying to figure out how to gain balance, the time based pricing model becomes less relevant. The only way to make that work is to continue to increase hourly rates which is just not sustainable as most businesses cannot afford the rates.

We find that small businesses and startups have lots of questions, need lots of support or second opinions, advice and guidance. These companies are agile and need that support on demand. We chose to work in a way that allowed these small business and startups to ask the questions when they arise, not wait until they have an hours worth of things to discuss or until their monthly appointment comes up. We provide advice, guidance, education and support when you need it..


What are your payment terms?

Our membership is a yearly fee, paid at the time of membership commencement.

Our online courses are paid at the time of purchase. Our workshops and consulting services are split payments of 50% prior to commencement and 50% within 7 days of completion.

These payment terms were developed to keep things simple and manageable for us as well as our members and clients. If you are really interested in working with us but would prefer to discuss the payment term we are happy to have a chat to see how we can accommodate you.


What if I don’t want to work online with you?

We do more traditional consulting for those that prefer face to face work. We are based in Melbourne, Australia but happy to travel to you depending the consulting project. All consulting work is custom quoted so get in touch and we can have a chat about your requirements. Any member of Tribe Twenty is also eligible for a 20% discount on consulting services so it is quite common that members will also engage us to more in depth work with them and their or businesses.


A lot of business advisors are cheerleaders, is that how you see yourselves?

What is a Mind-switch event?