You don't have a Professional brand

This week I was reading a post that shared some tips on what to consider when you are posting content for either your personal brand or your professional brand – one or the other. They were pretty good general branding tips but the article really bothered me. It bothered me because there is no such thing as a professional brand and a personal brand. There is no difference between ‘work me’ and ‘personal me’.

You are what you say and what you do - all of the time.

You are simply, you. This means you’re more than work skills, more than your achievements and definitely more than your titles. Who you are (your ‘brand’) is the core of you and that is everything you value and everything you believe. What you think, what you feel and how you behave. All of your actions make up your brand...despite what you may say and write. And you don’t switch off your beliefs and values between home and work.

Think of the variety of people you have worked with, the ones you liked and the ones you didn’t. The people you respected and admired, that you learned from, created with or listened to. What is it that made them stand out, made them memorable or made you able to connect with them and their message? How did you make your decision about who they were?

In my experience it is the people I can really relate to - someone I can ‘get’. I connect to these people and what they are saying because I can see who they are. They reveal themselves by being themselves. When you can see who someone is, you can trust them and most importantly, you can be yourself. Where there is trust there is believability, connection and memorability.

Being yourself makes for better workplaces. You can make real connection based on authentic behaviour and beliefs. You can be your most productive when you are being yourself. Your professional brand is your personal brand is yourself….you.

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