Small Business Strategy

Work on and focus on your business in this full day intensive workshop.  We cover planning, strategy, operations and positioning and can tailor the workshop according to your most immediate needs. This workshop is suited to the small business owner or two person partnership.

Brand Alignment

Ensure your brand experience lives up to your brand promise. By identifying specific actions for each department, these workshops help your staff understand behavioural expectations so that your brand is experienced in line with your brand promises.

The Branded Self

Understand the strategic process of personal branding and get clear on what personal branding is and is not. Learn how to define yourself. You will walk away with tools you can apply in your business immediately. 


Take networking from an overwhelming challenge to a welcome opportunity. We help you understand how to successfully approach networking and provide tips and tricks to help you authentically connect with people.


Storytelling can dramatically increase your ability to influence by helping you connect, engage and drive positive change for business success.  It is one of today’s leading and most effective communication tools.